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Waters XEVO Q-Tof hybrid high resolution Mass Spectrometer

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Waters XEVO Q-Tof hybrid high resolution Mass Spectrometer includes

Waters XEVO Q-Tof hybrid high resolution Mass Spectrometer features

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Aimed at every stage of the analytical laboratory workflow, Xevo mass spectrometers are designed around the philosophy of Engineered Simplicity™ which combines outstanding instrument performance with simplicity of operation to enable scientists to convert data into business-critical knowledge faster and with greater assurance.
Xevo  QTof is designed for scientists who need to identify, quantify and confirm the broadest range of compounds in complex and challenging samples.
 StepWave™ ion optics provides unsurpassed levels of durable sensitivity
 QuanTof™ technology delivers superior UPLC®-compatible mass resolution, matrix-tolerant
         dynamic range, quantitative performance, mass accuracy and speed of analysis – simultaneously
 UPLC/MSE data acquisition comprehensively catalogs complex samples in a single analysis
 Fast data directed analysis (FastDDA) allows full structural characterization of unknown compounds
 Universal Ion Source Architecture enables the most extensive range of interface capabilities to
         service the broadest range of applications
 IntelliStart™ guarantees maximum system performance and usability for reproducible results

Prior to testing samples, IntelliStart™ Technology automatically performs mass calibration, system checks, and monitors system performance to assure scientists that the instrument is operating at optimal performance levels.

The high performance, full scan exact mass capability of Xevo QTof MS ensures generation of high quality, information-rich, reproducible data.

While the quality of data captured is critical, data alone doesn’t enhance laboratory productivity if it is not translated into meaningful information. Waters MassLynx™ informatics solutions offers scientists the unprecedented ability to visualize and interpret the most complex data automatically.

MassLynx Applications Managers play a critical role in quickly compiling clear, accessible and editable reports that can be shared throughout an organization ensuring crucial business or research decisions can be made with total confidence.

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