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Q-Tof Premier

MS (Mass Spectrometer)
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Q-Tof Premier includes

The Q-Tof Premier is a high performance platform for MS and MS/MS analyses incorporating:

  • High Sensitivity – High transmission efficiency of Z spray™ source technology, T-WAVE ion optics, T-WAVE collision cell and oa-Tof transmission result in high sensitivity
  • High Resolution – Up to 17,500 FWHM with Woptics
  • Exact Mass measurement accuracy – Routine exact mass measurement (within&3ppm rms) in MS and MS/MS with LockSpray and NanoLockSpray
  • Enhanced speed - Faster TDC (4GHZ) delivers acquisition rates of up to 10 spectra per second, designed specifically to operate within time-frames of UPLC-based separations
  • Programmable Dynamic Range Enhancement (pDRE™) – Equipped with programmable DRE function which enables quantitation and exact-mass measurement up to 4 orders of magnitude
  • Enhanced Duty Cycle - enables enhanced sensitivity over targeted m/z ranges for detection of modified components e.g. in Precursor Ion Discovery
  • MALDI - Exchangeable vacuum 96 spot MALDI enabling large scale MALDI MS and MS/MS analyses
  • Resolving quadrupole - 4, 8 and 32k Da options
  • m/z range – up to 100,000 in V optics
  • Intelligent, automated MS/MS acquisition – Data Directed Analysis™ and Precursor Ion Discovery™
  • Source options - LockSpray™, NanoLockSpray™, IonSabre™, APCI™, ESCI™, and APPI™
  • Ergonomics - New industrial design and significantly reduced instrument footprint

Q-Tof Premier features

The Q-Tof Premier is a hybrid orthogonal acceleration Time-of-Flight (oa-ToF) mass spectrometer that enables automated exact mass measurement of precursor and fragment ions to yield the highest confidence in structural elucidation and databank search results.

Waters Q-TOF detailed information

The Q-Tof Premier Mass Spectrometer, featuring T-WAVE™ (Travelling Wave) technology, offers significant enhancements in mass measurement accuracy, dynamic range (pDRE™), sensitivity (Enhanced Duty Cycle) and speed. If you want to quantify, identify and characterize compounds from simple or complex mixtures, Waters Q-Tof Premier offers simplistic operation with the finest blend of innovative analytical capabilities for results you’ll have the ultimate confidence in.
The Q-Tof Premier has been designed in conjunction with ACQUITY UPLC™ to deliver ultra performance system solutions for your challenging applications.

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