Edwards EXT255H Turbo Pump

Edwards EXT255H Turbo Pump
Micromass Waters
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€ 1.250,00
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Edwards EXT255H Turbo Pump
Edwards EXT255H Turbo Pump
Edwards EXT255H Turbo Pump
Edwards EXT255H Turbo Pump

Parts description: Edwards EXT255H Turbo Pump

Technical Data

Inlet flange DN100ISO-K
Outlet Flange DN25NW
Vent port 1/8 inch BSP female
Purge port 1/8 inch BSP female
Compression ratio 
N2  >1 x 108
He 4 x 105
H2 1.6 x 104
Maximum continuous inlet pressure† 
water cooling at 15 °C, 40 °C ambient 5 x 10-3 mbar
air cooled at 35 °C ambient 5 x 10-3 mbar
free convection at 40 °C ambient 4 x 10-4 mbar
Nominal rotational speed 60000 rpm
Standby rotational speed 42000 rpm 
Cooling method forced air or water
Maximum inlet flange temperature 100 °C
Ambient air temperature operating range with forced air cooling 0-35 °C
Water temperature range (for water cooling) 10-20 °C
Minimum water flow rate (at 15 °C) 15 l h-1
Operating attitude Vertical and upright, through to horizontal
Noise level at 1 metre <50 dB(A)
Maximum magnetic field 5 mT
Recommended controller  EXC100, EXC120, EXC300
Quiescent electrical power 25 W
Interstage pumping speed (Hi variants) 
N2 10 l s-1
H2 10 l s-1
Pumping speed‡  
N2 220 l s-1
He 230 l s-1
H2 180 l s-1
Ultimate pressure  
Rotary vane pump <5 x 10-9 mbar
Diaphragm pump†† <5 x 10-8 mbar
Weight 5.6 kg
A larger backing pump may be required for maximum throughput. A suitable diaphragm backing pump with ultimate <5 mbar may be used.
† With backing pressure <0.1 mbar. Above this inlet pressure, rotational speed drops to below nominal.
‡ Pumping speeds are without an inlet screen. Inlet screens are supplied fitted and reduce speed by about 10
Ultimate pressure 48 hours after bakeout with 2 stage rotary pump.
†† Using diaphragm pump with ultimate <5 mbar.

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